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Danny Sayandan qualified as an Osteopath from the British School of Osteopathy in London, Europe’s oldest and largest Osteopathy school. He has been practicing since 2014, working in clinics across London including Clapham, Wallington and Ashtead. His area of specialty is in sports injuries, which encompasses all activities from cycling and contact sports, to gymnastics and yoga. He aims to enhance patient performance in their particular areas of sport through his treatment plans. He treats all nature of patients, not limited to sport and tailors all treatments to customize them based on individual needs in order to enhance the effectiveness of his osteopathy techniques.

Danny is an avid sportsman himself and enjoys fitness and training, and therefore has a particular interest in educating and encouraging his patients to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle. He also offers help with pain and lifestyle management in addition to CrossFit health and general exercise advice. His priority with every patient is to ensure the safety and efficacy of treatment plans to find and treat the root cause of pain.

DANNY SAYANDANOsteopath | Clinical Director

Physiotherapist (Specialist in Pelvic Health)
Helen Keeble is a specialist pelvic health physiotherapist, diagnosing and treating pelvic health problems (previously known as women’s health) since 2008. She takes an individualised, hands-on, holistic approach with every patient with the aim to fully resolve the problem for good. She has extensive experience in diagnosing and treating all joint, myofascial, nerve, ligament and muscular troubles; acute and chronic. She is also trained in visceral release and mobilization and will often use acupuncture/dry needling to aid the recovery process around the lower back and pelvis, as well as being fully trained in the thoracic ring approach and the integrated systems model. Helen also often provides post-graduate teaching and training to other physiotherapists across the UK & Ireland on pelvic health.

Helen loves sport and exercise and was chosen to be one of the official Olympic physiotherapists for the athletics team during London 2012 and has worked with other international level athletes at Queens Tennis club. Whatever the patient’s level of athleticism, she is passionate about getting people back to the best version of themselves.

HELEN KEEBLEPhysiotherapist Specialist in Pelvic health

Danny graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in London, Europe’s largest and oldest school and has an interest in treating all members of the community. Danny is an avid sportsman, a passionate osteopath, and loves to educate and encourage his patients to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Tim HolemanSports & Massage Therapy

Sports massage Background
– 2 years clinical experience in sports massage and dry needling
– therapist for outside the box holidays in Croatia
– Studying towards physiotherapy degree

Sports background
– aspiring professional ballerina until injury at age 16. Hip Larbral tear.
– found strength and conditioning through personal rehabilitation process
– crossfit and Olympic weightlifting coach for 2 years at Crossfit Shapesmiths
– first year competing in Olympic weightlifting in 2017. Finishing the year ranked as 24th in Great Britain and Northern Ireland in under 63kg category.
– Recently placed 7th as an under 63kg weightlifter in English Championships 2018.
– ranked 2nd in scotland for under 63kg weightlifting

– I like to treat people as a whole person rather than just a specific injury or niggle.
– I want to help you reach your goals, however challenging they may seem, using a combination of better movement and soft tissue therapy.

LESLEY BROWNSports & Massage Therapy